​Linda Patrick Studio

Linda Patrick

“Watercolor Artist, preservationist”
Linda Patrick was born in beautiful rural Nelson County, Virginia. Even as a child, she was constantly drawing, never dreaming in her wildest imagination that one day her paintings would grace the walls of homes across the world. When Linda was growing up each piece of paper or cardboard was another opportunity to paint the scenes which were continually running through her mind.

Linda’s professional career began in 1978 when she sold her first painting. She was flattered that someone would pay her for what she considered a passion. In 1981, Linda had a large following and could not keep up with the demand for her work. At this time she ventured out into the world of lithographic prints. Today, she has over 120 prints in production and 15 retired prints.

A self-taught artist, Linda has spent years perfecting her talent simply for the joy of painting. Her career has grown into over 30 shows per year, many of them juried. She has had many successful shows in surrounding states and participated in Sugarloaf Shows in Michigan, Maryland and Pennsylvania. She has shown in the Gilmore Carolina Classic in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Over the years Linda has receive many awards including first place in the Watercolor division, Judges Choice and Best in Show.

 Linda was featured on the cover of “Blue Ridge Traditions Magazine”. Her paintings were featured with an article on her work. In 2005, Linda was commissioned by the Virginia Cattlemen’s Foundation and The Dairy Foundation of Virginia to provide pieces to be featured in a coffee table book on the history of cattle in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Linda has been featured in many articles over her career.

Watercolors, Linda’s preferred medium, are used to create her masterpieces. Her favorite colors are earth tones which she uses to generate a symphony of hues and tints. Unusual architecture, barns of odd shapes and sizes, unique arrangements of window and doors, eye-catching chimney formations and styles of homes from earlier centuries trigger memories of other eras. Crows nestle on power lines and cattle graze contentedly in the pastoral settings of her paintings. These crumbling building and styles of architecture from a by-gone era are being lost forever and Linda has made it her mission to preserving them for posterity.

A painting of someone’s childhood home not only brings joy to the viewer, it helps them relive memories which feed their soul. Linda has the ability to bring tears of joy to another through her detailed paintings. Linda believes she is fortunate to have grown up when children used their imagination and created their own toys. A gentler time in our history gave Linda the chance to dream.

Linda lives with her husband Ken, in a home surrounded by trees, birds and wildlife. Her days are full of painting and roaming the countryside looking for that special scene which she just can’t wait to turn into a beautiful masterpiece. Her personal warmth shows in her work and her love of animals and nature is obvious when you view her paintings. Linda has a daughter and three grandchildren. Linda holds an Open House each December. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please call or send an email.