​Linda Patrick Studio



In a studio surrounded by large oaks and velvet pines, wild flowers and bird feeders, Linda Patrick wields a magic paintbrush. She captures nature and landmarks in settings which remind you of "going home." Memories of childhood are piqued by enchanting old buildings, farm animals and rural water colors. Earth tones create gentle images of treasured scenes of the Virginia byways.

Linda Patrick paints with sensitivity and a penetrating sharpness which is borne of loving her genre of painting and her chosen subjects. In detailed water colors, one can almost feel the roughness of a brick chimney or smell the blossoms on an apple tree. There is an instant recognition of things we wish to remember.

You are invited to meet Linda Patrick. This renowned Shenandoah Valley artist is a person you'll want to remember, whose paintings you cannot forget. Viewing a Patrick painting is an introduction to the artist because each watercolor tells the story of a caring, sensitive person who captures our surroundings for posterity.